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Live Event
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Lovely day for an outdoor show
Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley on location in Dawson City supported by
It seems odd that a year's worth of planning is all done after just a few days. But that's the reality of producing an annual event. As the festival weekend wrapped up I chatted with two of the key people who made it happen: Executive Director Emily Farrell and DCMF Board President John Watt. How did they feel this year went? And what are the hopes for next year? Check out the interviews.
We stopped by the Gazebo on a sunny afternoon, though with the super long daylight in Dawson it's hard to tell if it was actually afternoon still. Nevertheless, the views behind the stage and even behind the audience with the Yukon River were remarkable. What a great opportunity just to sit or lay in the grass and enjoy some music. Or do like I did and take off your shoes and dance again.

The stage was just steps away from a market where people were selling everything from jams to jewelry.
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