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Under the big top
Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley on location in Dawson City supported by
The Girls Rock Camp had the crowd buzzing one afternoon. Listen to some up-and-coming artists talk about their love of music.
All the venues are fun but the giant tent is where all the action is. Friday night I kicked up my heels -- well, actually, I kicked them off. But I was wearing flip flops so I went for the full festival experience dancing barefoot on a plywood floor. It was a long car ride that day so I couldn't help but let loose. The main stage is where much of the late-night action was taking place. For Albertan Corb Lund he had the audience crowd surfing and really givin' 'er. He even gave in and performed a "stupid song" -- his words, not mine. I am sort of glad the show was late and there were no kids around because there were some funny-smelling cigarettes wafting through the air. You know what they say: What happens in Dawson, stays... well, on the Internet. Sorry, security, for pointing out what you missed... or allowed.
Meanwhile, outside in the rain I was joined by The Pack A.D.'s Maya Miller. Her first appearance on our shows was a week before the festival. HEAR THE CHAT
Patrick Hamilton from Soda Pony joined Jeremy Bradley in the rain for a chat on the show.
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