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JB plays Dawson tourist
Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley on location in Dawson City supported by
Lisa LeBlanc was on our radio shows two weeks before the festival. Naturally I had to search her out in Dawson for another chat and a photo opp. Turns out she has a cocktail named after her here. You know you've made it when...
We were broadcasting from Dawson two summers ago so I knew what to expect when arriving into town. Though last time I flew so I didn't have to deal with the six-hour drive from Whitehorse. But with an SUV of six of us and probably hundreds of dollars worth of snacks, we made it a fun trip. The construction totally changed the white vehicle to something that looked like it was just at a monster truck rally.
Everything from The Pit, to Sourtoe Cocktails to the Dome, it wasn't a surprise to me but my colleagues were intrigued with Dawson City.
The town looks like an old-school Hollywood movie set. With very little wind and virtually silent streets you almost wonder if anybody is around. Of course, once you get closer to Dawson City Music Festival venues the noise -- and energy -- certainly picks up.
Town is full of character... and characters. With cancan girls and guys in gold rush garb, you really do feel like you have gone back in time. Walking up and down the short streets you can't help but get lost in the historical element associated with Dawson City. Rather than modernizing its look, there is something refreshing about being able to come here and experience the history that the area is known for.
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